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Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery Camiguin IslandThe Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin holds the sacred remains of the island's rested locals. During the 1871 volcanic eruption of Mount Vulcan Daan the cemetery sank to where it is today, due to the tectonic plates below the ocean floor shifting. 

The large cross that is seen in many photographs was erected in 1982 to mark the old grave-site. The Sunken Cemetery is actually only 20 to 30 meters or so away from the shoreline, but for closer and more personal experience of this absolutely amazing attraction one should rent a banca boat for only cost P 20.00 pesos per individual that will take you closer, from here you can snorkel above and take photos. 

Today, the most visited attraction on the Island of Camiguin is the Sunken Cemetery and it also offers one of the most unique diving sites in the world. The beauty of the corals and the fantastic view of the tombstones being populated by school of fishes and other marine organism will surely energize the tourist.

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