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Camiguin Tours

Camiguin is a small tropical island in the Visayas region of the Philippines, and it got it's unique name from the word "kamagong", a hard wood of the ebony tree family. Camiguin Island has a total of seven (7) volcanos, and it is told that this small tropical island is "Born of Fire", due to it's volcanic past.

The Island of Camiguin has some very unique and beautiful pristine black sand coastlines all lined with tall coconut trees. The beaches here in Camiguin are really quite beautiful, and they are really quite unlike any other beaches in the Philippines. If you are a photographer then you will really appreciate the beauty of this small island, as there is just so much here, you can see some nice Camiguin pictures here.

Great Camiguin Diving Spots

Off-shore there are bewitching black reefs for diving fanatics, if you are a diver then you will really appreciate the beauty beneath the oceans that surround this island with breathtaking beauty. 

Just Treking Around Camiguin

As you explore around the island of Camiguin you will certainly experience several cold and hot natural springs. The native Camiguin people are extremely vibrant and imaginative, there is practically no criminal activity on Camiguin, it is extremely protected. You will find that many Filipino's on the isand of Camiguin speak excellent English. They are pleasant, fun-loving and congenial. Foreign visitors to the island are mainly welcomed with 'hey there good friend' and a huge smile.

The Best Camiguin Tours

Come, and you are sure to be enchanted by the organic elegance of Camiguin Philippines, enjoy the natural beauty as you hike the mountains, check out new trails created by bikes and walking. Scuba dive with the diverse aquatic life and reefs, take pleasure as you gaze at the magnificent waterfalls hundreds of feet high, or merely absorb the panorama views of the beautiful Camiguin sunset.

We here at Camiguin packages committed to providing every visitor a fantastic Camiguin tour, giving high quality suggestions and support. We will certainly do every little thing in our power to see to it that your trip to Camiguin is to your satisfaction.

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