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Boracay Go, a Fun Song!

boracay-go-cdBORACAY GO is a fun and exciting song about the island of Boracay which is located in the south China Sea, in the western Visayas region of the beautiful Philippine Islands. Boracay Island is the most visited island in the Philippines, receiving over 1.5 million tourist each year, from countries like, China, South Korea, Russia, Canada, United States, Brazil, France, United Arab Emirates and so many others.

The song Boracay Go was written and recorded by an American from Raleigh North Carolina by the name of Rick St. John, who lives and works here in the Philippines, and is also one of the owners of WOW Philippines Travel Agency located in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Manila. Rick is married to Mary Jane Bangga, who is from Aklan Province, which is where Boracay is located, and also helps to explain his love for the Aklanon people.

Boracay was first discovered by some adventuring tourist back in the early 1970's, they were primarily looking for some nice scuba diving spots in the Philippines and came across this beautiful tropical island called Boracay. Today, Boracay Philippines is known for it's famous 2.5 mile long beach on the western shore, that is covered in powder soft white sand and surrounded by turquoise colored water that is warm and refreshing to swim in.

Today you will see that Boracay Beach is very commercialized, a small tropical paradise that is home to some 300 plus Boracay Hotels and Resorts along with over 200 restaurants that serve everything from native Filipino food to international cuisines from all nationalities. However, 99 percent of all tourist coming to Boracay Island are coming here to experience either the famed Boracay Beach or Bulabog Beach, located on the eastern side of the island and also where you will find hundreds of vacationers experiencing both wind surfing and kite boarding.

When Rick Saint John wrote the song "Boracay Go", he wrote from his personal experience, and what Boracay meant to him, as Rick writes in the song, Boracay is a place where friends go, just to have some fun, long white beaches, girls in bikinis, golden sunsets and ice cold beer. It's these experiences that seen to invoke a sense of freedom within the spirit of each person who visits this friendly island destination. And unlike so many other songs that have been written about Boracay, this song talks about the famous Boracay beach, Bulabog beach and encourages people to vacation here on this beautiful tropical island of Boracay, in the Philippines.

Back in September of 2013 Rick St. John was interviewed by Alan Palma of YES FM 911 Boracay Radio Station regarding the song Boracay Go, you can listen to that interview here at our in the Philippines media page.


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